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TBM-01 series

Suspension Handlebar Extend Mount For Bike, E-Bike & Motorbike

Fits TBM-01 on to your bike/motorbike handlebar can easy to add extra storage space.

Ultra-light-weight aluminum alloy mount with carbon extender and suspension not just offer the extra handlebar space for your accessories such as GoPro, GPS, lights, cycling computers, etc.

It also can reduce the vibration efficiently to make the device on the bike/motorbike more safety and sturdy


Reduce the vibration efficiently.

Free up space from handlebar.

94g Ultra-light-weight mount.

Available for the most Smartphone, GPS, Torch, GoPro DVR.etc.

Easy to install/uninstall on the handlebar22.2~31.8mm in minutes

Use the other stronger spring attached to keep the performance of suspension when the loading between 300~450g

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