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Magnetic Aluminum Suction Cradle

CRUX Magnetic Smartphone Holder is a magnetic phone stand that can be mounted on the windshield or dashboard (via SmartPad) through a suction base. With the help of the magnetic holder and the lever lock, it becomes extremely easy to install and operate your device.

The aluminum bezel aims to provide a modern look to your mounting experience; Color black and Color silver are currently available for purchase.  More, the powerful force of attraction can hold up all phone sizes, light tablets, and mobile devices. In other words, mounting can be so easy and direct by just snapping on and off!


POWERFUL MAGNETS The gadget comes with strong magnets providing the best force of attraction; the swift-snap holder allows you to snap on and off your device easily.

ALUMINUM BEZEL A good and modern taste on our aluminum gadget design is important. It currently comes with black and silver trim.

SmartPadMounting on a rough surface such as a textured dashboard? Just simply apply the SmartPad at the bottom and you are good to go! After several use, the PU pad can be slightly rinsed with water and air dry to bring it back and it looks just like new. [Note: The SmartPad may not work on certain type of leather surface.]

360 DEGREE SWIVEL Same as our other product, its important to choose how you want to glance at your phone by adjusting the ball joint.

GREAT DURABILITY It can hold up all phone sizes, light tablets, and mobile devices. Its time to swivel or rotate your phone without falling off!


1. Apply Alcohol Pad to clean a flat and safe surface on the windshield or dashboard.

2. For a rougher surface, SmartPad will be suggested to apply at the bottom of the cradle. Remove the clear backing of the SmartPad before using.

3. Press down the locking lever to lock the mount in place.

4. Place the metal plate within the case, or stick the metal plate directly onto the back of your phone. Please note that the adhesive tape is suggested to be used only once.

5. Snap on your phone and find your perfect viewing angle.


Diameter 36.7 mm 


SmartPad (diameter: 55mm)

Round black metal plate+3M adhesive (diameter: 38mm)

Rectangular black metal plate (65*45mm)

Clear film (47*47mm)

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