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Bike mount for Universal Holder

The digidock CR-2202UC is a bike handlebar mount for universal mobile devices. With special aluminum clamp design, it firmly keeps device and enhances the stability during ride, it also offers the fast and easy way to mount CR-2202UC on the bike handlebar. Patent-designed swiveling joint lets user adjust the viewing angle of mobile devices in any direction what you desired.


l Universal holder design which is available for 3.2~5.3 devices.

l Squeeze 4 clamp arms to have a tight grip to secure mobile device in holder.

l 360簞 rotating holder and swiveling joints let you adjust the viewing angle of tablet in many directions
    quickly and easily.

l Easy to install and dismount with your bike and motorcycle.

l The 2 swiveling joints design allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your mobile device.

l Aluminum clamp fits handlebars up to 26mm.

l The call not missed were.

l It is very convenient to navigate.

l Compatible with most of mobile phones, smart phones and iPhones .

l Need release mechanism activates opening of extendable grip arms.

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